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Paper Roll Frog Craft – Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

Publish Time: -0001-11-30 Views: 73

Paper roll crafts are perfect for open ended creation – just place a whole bunch of colorful papers.
paints and other craft materials on the table and let the kids get creative.

What you need:
paper tube (toilet paper roll, kitchen towel paper roll…)
green paper or green paint
wiggle eyes stickers
 Cut a long strip of green paper, as wide as the paper roll. Also cut 2 pairs of legs and a pair of “eyes” out of green paper.
Make sure the “eyes” are a bit larger than eye stickers.  

Glue the green paper around the paper roll.  Glue the green eyes on the inner side of the paper roll. Stick two wiggle eyes stickers.
Draw facial details with black marker.


Step 2
Glue on front and back legs. Your paper roll frog craft is ready to hop away!