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Publish Time: 2022-01-06 Views: 22

We are Changsha Hone Arts Co.,Ltd, specializing in non-ammonia, odorless and eco-friendly eva foam sheets and all kinds of paper for 15 years. We are one of the earliest enterprizes for handcrafts raw material which began in 2002.

AS for the hobby & Diy, we have Polyfoam Figures, DIY Felt Sticker, DIY Eva Sticker, Pom Pom and Chenille Stem, Polyfoam Figures:
Whether you are creating home decorations, Halloween crafts, cute cloches or class projects, these Polystyrene foam balls are here for you.
They are perfect for children, adults, teachers, knitters, decorators and yourself!
You can use them to create cupcakes, ornaments, rug balls, flower wreaths, thanksgiving turkeys, sparkly tree toppers, table centrepieces, and so on.

DIY EVA Sticker
Turn plain walls into creative, decorative ones with these fun, colorful and easy-to-use sdiy eva sticker! Self adhesive eva stickers, you can stick them on any items that you want to stick. Whether you're trying to turn a dull classroom into an exciting one or simply want to let the kids decorate their own playroom or walls, these craft eva stickers are perfect for learning games, play time and DIY arts and crafts projects. Perfect for home, kids room and holiday decoration. Useful intellectual development, interest cultivation, parent-child communication, a good emotion interactive toys.